Al Andalus- History of Islam in Spain

Al Andalus (read here) – History of Spain is documentary from BBC4, Britain (read : here). The moderator is Bettany Hughes is a historian, author and broadcaster who has spent the last twenty years sharing knowledge about the world’s civilizations and culture with a wide audience. She is a Research Fellow of King’s College London and has been made an Honorary Fellow of Cardiff University. She has taught at Bristol, Manchester, Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

The two hour programme reminded us that in Spain, Islam was a culture of phenomenal innovation which continually emphasized the importance of learning. France’s largest library at the time contained 700 books. The library in Cordoba, Spain, on the other hand, contained over half a million volumes. People converted to Islam because they believed the religion was attractive and offered them something of value. The Muslims in Spain built a culture that was the very pinnacle of civilized life. And when later the rest of Europe underwent a massive intellectual and cultural revolution – the Renaissance, the programme convincingly asserted that the Renaissance was the continuation of an intellectual process that had begun centuries earlier in Islamic Spain.

After been vast studies of history, there was no others religion that have a vast and dynamic structure of economy, politics and knowledge. Why most non- Muslim converted to Muslim at the time. It because of the religion itself have their own law in governance  the wealth, social structure and intellectual power.

Below are full documentary of Al-Andalus – History of Islam in Spain

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4 responses to “Al Andalus- History of Islam in Spain

  1. Hi Hifzan,
    As a Spaniard I’m fascinated by the rich culture that Islam left in my country.
    Regarding the conversions to Islam, I read that people in Spain where very unhappy with the ‘rulers’ of the country (the Goths; East Germanic tribes) before the Muslims arrived. There was a lot of oppression and the Islam culture was like a door to freedom.

    Thank you for sharing this video. I will watch it tonight with my dinner. Best,

    • Dear Ana,

      Thank you for visiting.
      From my studies, not only Spain that suffering from injustice ruler, other country such as Roman, Byzantine, Palestine as suffer a same fate which is later Islam come to the land and free them from injustice.

      Have a good dinner.

      Hifzan Shafiee

  2. Hey Hifzan,

    Just came across your blog and I like it very, very much. I especially paid attention to your blogs about islam, because that’s what I am trying to study with the blog I just started. Please keep writing in this great and informing way,

    Greetings from Holland,

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