Sufism Dance

Sufism Dance

Ibn Hajar explains: “A group of Sufis used this report as evidence to support the permissibility of singing and listening to songs, whether accompanied by musical instruments or not.

It suffices as a response that `A’isha herself clarified the words of the report by saying, ‘they were not singers,’ negating what could be interpreted from the first part of her report , because ghina’ [singing] refers to raising the voice, the melody which the Arabs call nasb, and the chanting of the caravan leader. The performer of this act is not called a mughanni [singer], which is a term that refers to those who sing by elongating and breaking the words, stimulating and provoking the listener by way of allusive and explicit descriptions of indecency.

Qurtubi says, ‘The statement of `A’isha – they were not singers – means that they were not of those who are experts at singing like professional singers. This is an indication by `A’isha (may Allah be pleased with her) of her wariness and reservation from the customary form of singing, which moves the motionless, and arouses what is deeply hidden. This is a type of singing whose impermissibility is agreed upon, if it consists of poetry that depicts the attractive features of women, intoxicants, and other forbidden things.’

He continues, ‘As for what the Sufis have innovated in this regard, then it is impermissible without disagreement. However, a large number of those attributed with virtue have been overcome by their appetitive souls, to the extent that many of them have displayed acts that are normally associated with children or the insane, such as dancing with organized steps and synchronized movements. Some of them even have the audacity to deem these acts as righteous deeds and a means of seeking nearness to God. They claim that these acts help to attain exalted states, while in reality they are among the indicators of zandiqa [heresy] and the statements of magicians. And Allah is the source of all help!’

In fact, the truth is the reverse of what they say: these acts help to attain the most evil of states.”

Ibn Hajar, Fath al-Bari, 442 [ as cites in "Prohibited Forms of Dhikr by Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah" ]


Do not confuse with Sufism or Tasawwuf. Sufism/Tasawwuf is a branch of Islamic knowledge which focuses on the spiritual development of the Muslim.

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11 responses to “Sufism Dance

  1. I read your thoughts about sufi-ism and you said that tasawuf is something else than sufism. Its a wrong prespective. Tasawuf is derived from the word “SAUF” which in pronounce related to SuFI. Sufi is the one who is following the mystic and real ISLAM.
    let us see who were sufis.
    1.Hazart Imam Zainul abideen (ahl ul bait)
    2.Hazart Shiekh Jalaludin sayuti (rehmatullah aleh)
    3.Hazart Maaruf Karkhi (R-aleh)
    4.Hazrat SHeikh Junaid Baghdadi (R-Aleh)
    5.Hazrat Ibrahim bin udham (R-Aleh)
    6.Hazrat Imam Malik (RA)
    7.Hazrat Imam Shaafai (RA)
    8.Hazrat Imam Maalik (RA)
    9.Hazrat Imam AHmed bin Hunbal(RA)
    10.Hazrat Imam e Azam Abu Hanifa (RA)
    11.Hazrat Bishr Haafi (RA)
    12.Hazrat SHeikh Sirri Siqti (ra)
    13.Hazrat Meeran zanjaan shah (RA)
    14.Hazrat Moulana e Ruum (RA)
    and so on so on .
    Each individual and many among them were not only sufis but also were the jurist of ISLAMIC STUDIES. i-e The Person who wrote books like Sahih Al bukhari Sharif. (all writers of Sihaa-e-Sattah the books of HADITH).
    Now come to the point. You are using word “dance” it is wrong in itself. IT is not dance it is called “Wajd” or Wajad. Wajd means when a person intensively pore himself in the Love of ALLAH.ALMIGHTY , he/she does not have been left with love for the materialistic world.
    SO when sufi’s recite “DIKR” ZIKR (Zikar is the provocation of the sacred names of ALLAH (Shanuhu wa’tala) then lost themselves in the love of ALLAH and when this condition occurs on someone his/her body got a movement by itself bcz of the extreme love of ALLAH. And that is called (WAJD)
    Comparing wajd to dance is the very idiotic thing.Brother pardon me for these bitter words but you have not enough knowledge of the fundamentals of Sufism then please do not try to wrote those things of which you by urself is not able to understand.
    There are people who are known as “Wahabi” the followers of muhamad ibn al wahab najadi (who was declared out of the ummah by his own Father and his own brother) They do not accept sufis and according to the teachings of him, they consider all of the Muslims (Wajib ul Qatal )
    Also these wahabis are mentioned in several books of Hadith in bukhari shareef i-e Book of afflictions chapter 88) Tirmidhi shareef , Ibn majah and abi Dawood shareef. They are recognized as “Khawarij” Kharij means outed from something.
    Those were first time introduced themselves in the time of the Khilafat e OThman (Hazrat USMAN RADIALLAHTALAA ANHU). Who was the 3rd mighty caliph of ISLAM, and was assasinated by these miscreants and then 4th Caliph Hazrat e ALi (ra) do a Jihaad with them. And in all major authentic books of HADITH it is mentioned that they will arise again an again till the last time when dajjal (anti-christ) will appear and these will be the helpers of him.
    SO kindly stay away from those wahabis and please if you do not have enough knowledge about the history of ISlam as well as the basic concepts of Islam please do not try to write something because of that may be some Muslims + non Muslims get a wrong image of Islam.
    Pardon me for harsh words if i had written in here.May Allah guide us all on to HITH right path. and on the path which is loved by His blessed Messenger our beloved Prophet Muhammad bin abdullah (ALehisalato-wasalam).Aamin

    • Thanks for you comment.

      I understand the word Sufism and Tasawwuf is a same word. What I want to highlight here is people are mistaken between Tasawwuf/Sufism (which is true) and Sufism Dance (which is wrong) that very popular these day. Many fatwa today has classified this dance as bidaah. This dance have never been invented during prophet hood and his companion and we never heard once in any hadiths sahih.

      I do know that Sufi whirling is invented by Rumi, a Sufi. But to classified it as dikr/ a part of religion is bidaah. Now days, this whirling sufi have become a performance dance, and for sure it is a dance.

      As Muslim that follow Sufism branch, he/she should be a role model for every Muslim in this world. The inner heart should reflected to behavior of Sufi. From what I understand Sufism/Tasawwuf is very beautiful. Sufi should the one who rejected any thing that lead to bidaah and makrooh.

      He who practices tasawwuf without learning Sacred Law corrupts his faith, while he who learns Sacred Law without practicing tasawwuf corrupts himself. Only he who combines the two proves true. (Imam Malik)

      Be both a faqih and a sufi: do not be only one of them! Verily, by Allah’s truth, I am advising you sincerely. (Imam Shafi)

      Regarding dzikir,
      Follow what Rasullah have been teach us how to perform dzikir, if you think Rumi have give better idea ho to perform dzikir, then I cant say anything. My post is based on “Fathul Bari”, one of kitab Ahli Sunnah wal Jamaah. Not limited to this fatwa only, there was many fatwa have been come out recently regarding “whirling sufi”. Then I should advise you learn more about it and refer to fatwa.

      Hope that answer the misunderstanding.

  2. It has been problem since centuries, but we can’t avoid the truth that Rasulullah had taught as how to perform dzikir in its right way.
    Yes, whether Rumi created a new idea, I thought that what Rasullah had left for us is better, we can’t say no for that.

    • @ Iwan.

      This is true, the problem is not new, may be the initial intention is not zikir, but therapy and sport. But when there was a movement to make it a part of religion, we should be careful. Reading back the Islamic history, many thing that are correct become wrong especially when their student make thing as common ritual to support their teacher and claim that is a part of Islam.

      • 1.Bid’a is also of 2 kinds.And declaring anything shirk bida is not a decree bcz if that could be happened then the mosques with lights, mullah’s using cars everything like that would be bida’.Wajd does not have human makings it is a “Kaifiya” on each one’s own love towards Allah.Do u think all those people who i wrote above were doing Bid’a? the whole list?

      • I understand that bidaah have a good and bad. What we talking here is about Ibadah, not ijtihad problem as what you refer. I think you can differentiate this. Ibadah meaning all about solah, zikir, and all thing related to ibadah (fard ain).

        In Al Risalah, page 507, Imam As Shafi stated that;
        Whoever created istishan (innovate something in religion that he thought a good thing) without any clear statement from Al-Quran and Sunnah, then he invented Sharak. Whoever created Sharak, he is kufr.

        In Muhammad, Ayah 14, Allah declared a very clear cut regarding innovation in ibadah:
        So is he who is on clear evidence from his Lord like him to whom the evil of his work has been made attractive and they follow their [own] desires?

        Again in Kahfi, 103-104;
        Say, [O Muhammad], “Shall we [believers] inform you of the greatest losers as to [their] deeds? [They are] those whose effort is lost in worldly life, while they think that they are doing well in work.”

        and many more.
        I never said all listed Imam have do bidaah. Just I never heard from Imam Shafi, Malik, Hanafi, and Hambali that they teach “whirling sufi”.
        But if you said that right thing to do, can I know what nash that you referred. Forgive me for my limited knowledge.

  3. Bro, it is also the opinion of Imam Shafi and As – Syauti and many others that bida’t is of two kinds: good and bad. This is also narrated through Umar and Abu Bakr when they decided to collect and distribute a text of the Quran. There is no escaping the fact that bidat is only bad if it is against the spirit if the Sunnah.

    If you think ALL bidat is bad then you should also reject Bukhari and Hadith scholarship, since there is no licence in Quran or Sunnah for collecting Hadith and grading them as Sahih or Daif etc. So clearly the collection and grading of Hadith is a BIDAT but is a BIDAT HASANA, a GOOD bidat. The simplistic view of the Wahhabis is unsustainable

    Kitty is right, the Wahhabis and their scholars, including Ibn Taymiyyah are the closest things to the Khawarij today. She is right to be harsh: they have misguided a lot of people in Malaysia and around the world as well.

    And if the Wahhabis are so worried about INNOVATIONS or BIDAT perhaps they should not be recommending driving bans for women in Saudi Arabia. Is that not a Bidat? Did not Aisha, our beloved mother, ride a horse into BATTLE? Then who are they to prohibit it? The hypocrisy is manifest.

    Maybe whirling or dancing or whatever it should be called IS bad, but this should not be left to a bunch of Wahhabis to decide.

    Also, you cannot just blindly follow Ibn Hajar either. For example, I believe Imam Al – Ghazzali DOES agree with singing even with instruments (as long as they are not stringed), even though he says ALL the four imams prohibited it. As long as someone has a legitimate ijtihad and can justify their opinion, we have to respect it. For example, the Wahhabis allow Ibn Taymiyyah to go against the consensus of the four schools on a number of issues, including divorce, so again it shows their hypocrisy.

  4. @Vigilante,

    There are 2 situation here:
    1) Sufism dance as performance dance equivalent to nasyid, singing, etc. I don’t have a issue to say that is permissible. More, add the a good lyric praising Allah and his messenger, I will say it was permissible.

    2) BUT; when people start to think that THIS is better than dzikir of Rasullah, it is better to know this dance than a way of perform actual dzikir. When people think, after I convert to Islam- this one way of worshipping, To think that I need to learn Sufism Dance as my priority before prayer,etc. I totally say it was Bad Bidaah.

    I hold the second situation, where I see people see Sufism as a way to worship God better than actual prayer, and dzikir.

    “this should not be left to a bunch of Wahhabis to decide”
    I think you have cross the line to called people who not agree with you by calling them Wahhabi. To come out with comparison of driving fatwa which not related to issue is over react.
    If you have a good statement, share with us. I do think that you prefer to think a first version situation.

    Why I take second opinion.
    1) I see Muslim are now lack of knowledge in Islam.
    2) They can’t differentiate a good and bad bidaah.
    3) They can’t differentiate a haram and halal.
    4) People start to think “It is better for me to perform Sufism Dance” rather than prayer.

    For me, look your surrounding, education of your people and judge yourself.

    I do know Kitty hold 1st situation, but she come to me without explanation and accuse that is Wahabi, there is Wahabi. Our problem with our Muslim is -they like to accuse before ask for explanation- even sometime I do that.

    In Malaysia, we hold Shafi madzhab not Wahhabi and we have a reason for that. (If you don’t know ask-why need accuse misguided Malaysian,etc) To be different from you is not wrong, to think that only your opinion is right is fanatic. I think, I require your explanation or apologize.

  5. I think you have made a very good point and your recommendation that people should be extra careful since Muslims have little knowledge and cannot differentiate between good and bad bidat is very true.

    The Wahhabists do not like to be called Wahhabists, but I am afraid that this is due to the fact that it exposes them as followers of Abd Al Wahhab as opposed to the Salaf as they claim, so they prefer the label of ‘Salafis’, however, I feel that to call them that is an insult to the actual Salaf, since these people are in no way similar to those exceptional successors. Therefore, I have to call them Wahhabist or followers of Ibn Taymiyyah or whatever. Also, since they insist on going against the Madhabs as I mentioned, I cannot call them Shafi etc.

    The reason I singled them out is not to offend Malaysia or anything like that, since they are sadly present in ALL countries. I am also not saying that you are a Wahhabist or anything like that, so if it came across then I apologise.

    What I was doing was agreeing with Kitty that the Wahhabists are a deviant group and that their opinion on bida’t is invalid since they have no basis and are engaged in Bida’t themselves (the example I gave you of a driving ban for example, and their legitimising of a monarchy in Saudi Arabia, isn’t a monarchy a bidat?).

    if you want to see the opinions of the ‘Wahhabi’ scholars such as Uthaymien, Ibn Baz, Albani and their successors, you only need look at Saudi, Qatar and UAE.

    One example will suffice: During the Egyptian uprising, the Saudi scholars as a group condemned the protesters and their government offered Mubarak support. They also gave asylum to Ben Ali of Tunisia, and the scholars did not speak out against it. Is it not hypocrisy to give asylum to a man who was president during a time when Hijaab was outlawed in Tunisia in a country where even niqaab is ENFORCED on women?

    If there are any Wahhbist scholars who spoke out against this then I am happy to be corrected, I am merely judging them by their actions. Is it not hypocrisy and unIslamic to enforce niqaab and then also support people who BAN hijaab?

    I am not saying that anyone who disagrees is a Wahhabist, I am just saying that they in and of themselves are a deviant group.

    If I supported and oppressive and unIslamic monarchy that supported the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, while sheltering hijaab banners like Ben Ali while taking the entire wealth of the country as my personal budget (despite RasoolAllah specifying that public resources like oil could not be privately owned but belonged to the people), I would EXPECT to be called a deviant, and any scholar who supports this is evil.

    Further, The Prophet (SAW) said:

    ‘The master of martyrs is Hamzah and a man who stood up to an unjust ruler, commanding him (to do good) and forbidding him (from evil) and was killed’

    Thus The Prophet (SAW) was emphatic in commanding the believers to endure harm and even death in questioning and struggling against the unjust rulers. If that is the case for US, as ordinary believers, how much more so for the scholars? So you have to face facts that the scholars in these places, since they are in league with the state, are not reliable. But then neither are any of the Wahhabi scholarly elite including Ibn Baz etc.

  6. I appreciate you comment.

    I do not want to comment about Wahabism because I have a limited knowledge about them and Saudi culture. In position of my country, Accusation wahabism is always being use by secular and liberal scholar to ulama who not support government.

    In term of Ibnu Taimiyyah, I don’t hold same position as you because certain reason:
    1) Main reason – I have limited knowledge about him so I like to think good about him.
    2) It was absurd for me to understand that some Sunni called him Sheik ul Islam, but some others said him heretic. I think they may something wrong with his history. May be like Ali r.a?
    3) Many of his student are very popular such as Ibnu Qayyim, Ibnu Katsir and no complaint about him.
    4) Many scholar hold high of his thought, even in all 4 mazhab of Sunni.
    5) Many scholar who live in trouble age have the same problem (rejected) and his fatwa are more stricter because of condition, politic and war.

    Just because Wahabi follow him, doesn’t mean that he is wrong. May be the story of Ali r.a repeated again? Shia is wrong but doesn’t mean Ali r.a is also wrong.

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