Worshiping Grave of Righteous Man

In the Sahih (i.e. AI-Bukhari and Muslim), ‘Aishah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

“Umm Salamah mentioned to Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) that in Abyssinia she saw a church full of pictures and statues. He (pbuh) a place of worship over his grave and set up all kinds of pictures and statues. They are the worst of all creatures before Allah. They combine the two evils; worshipping at the graves and-making graven images and statues.”

Also in Al-Bukhari and Muslim it is reported that `Aishah (r.a) narrated:

When the death approached Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) he began to draw a piece of cloth (bed sheet) over his face, (sometimes covering and sometimes removing because of distress), he (pbuh) said in this state: “Allah’s curse be upon the Jews and the Christians for taking the graves of their Prophets as places of worship.” Thus he (pbuh) warned the people about their actions. Had there not been any fear of making the Prophet’s grave a place of worship, his (pbuh) grave would have been as open as the graves of his Companions (r.a).

Muslim reported from Jundub bin Abdullah ( r.a) who narrated:

I heard the Prophet (pbuh) say only five days before his death: “I am free and clear towards Allah of having any of you as my Khalil (especially close friend). Verily, Allah has taken me as His Khalil just as He had taken Ibrahim ( pbuh) as a Khalil. If I would have taken anyone from my Ummah as a Khalil, I would have taken Abu Bakr ( pbuh) as a Khalil.

Beware! Those who proceeded before you, used to make their Prophets’ graves into places of worship. Beware! Don’t take (any) graves as places of worship. I forbid you to do so.”

He (pbuh) forbade this at the end of his life.

After this [forbidding of taking graves as Masjid (place of worship)], he cursed anyone who did any such deed within this context. Prayer at the graves is one of these deeds, even if no Masjid has been built. This is the meaning of his (pbuh) words “He feared (his grave) would be taken as a Masjid”. The Companions never built any place of worship around his grave. Any place which is intended for prayer or where prayer is performed has indeed been taken as a Masjid. Just as the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“The whole earth has been made for me a Masjid and it is pure and clean.”

Ahmad has reported with a good Sanad that Ibn Mas’ud (r.a) narrated in a Marfu’ Hadith (tradition traced to the Prophet (pbuh) himself):

“The most evil men are those upon whom the (signs of) Hour (of Resurrection) comes while they are still alive, and those who take graves as places of worship (Masjid)”. [This tradition was also reported by Abu Hatim in his Sahih.]

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3 responses to “Worshiping Grave of Righteous Man

  1. I’ll admit, even though I was raised Christian, the whole idea of Jesus as G*d’s “son” had confused me ever since I was old enough to question such things. The best rationalisation I could come up with is that Jesus was a man specially tailored by G*d to save us from our sins, but if this is the case than why such worship of someone whom was ultimately just a man (if indeed an exceptional one)?

    • Jesus is one of prophet great prophet of Islam. From beginning there are no true god but One God only.

      I just reading Bible (not finish yet), based on my reading, Jesus is just only man who guided by God and of course he is special.

  2. D.I.D,

    As you say, even if a man was specially tailored to save us from our sins (and there have been, according to Islam, many such men and Prophets through human history sent to each community, since not every group of people would know about what was going on on the other side of the world in the past), that does not mean that he should be worshipped. It also does not mean that he can save us by becoming an substitute sacrifice. Ultimately, the only one who can ‘save’ us from our sins is ourselves, by deciding to repent and to make right what we did wrong. we can’t dump the responsibility on Christ. If God decides to forgive us despite us not trying to repent or make things right, it is up to him and we believe that Allah is all merciful.

    We feel that Islam is the religion OF Jesus as opposed to a religion ABOUT Jesus. It sounds like your own view is the same as the Islamic position…

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