Chinese Treasure Fleet – Adventures of Zheng He : Documentary

Treasure Fleet: The Adventure of Zheng He (Laksamana Cheng Ho) is brought by the National Geographic Channel and Cathay Pacific Airways. The two-hour documentary features Yamashita’s adventures in retracing the voyages of Zheng He 600 years ago.

The journey took Yamashita from Yunnan in China to Africa’s Swahili coast to some of the most amazing ports and destinations in the world.

“The journey itself was a great opportunity to travel extensively on the South-East Asia Silk Road and a great adventure for me. Watch the documentary below.

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Empire of Faith–The Ottomans

The final series of “Empire of Faith” – The Ottomans. The study of rise, expansion, stagnation and decline of Ottomans empire. In the peak of Ottomans empire, it was one of the biggest nation in those time. In this era, Ottomans ruler are just, merciful. During the decline of Ottomans, many of their ruler are weak and tyrant.

In Ottomans kingdom, there are 2 different era: 1) Era of just & respectful rulers,  2) Era of weak & puppet rulers.

Let see what this documentary said about Ottomans.

BBC Life of Muhammad : The Seeker

BBC 4 UK has done a good job (but not great) to publish such a good documentary. Even I can not agree for certain fact that being raise in documentary, but it should be enough to shut the mouth of others who condemn Islam in public without even seeing for himself.

Some rant that I suppose to said it here:

1) Why when describing prophet Muhammad, there was a scene of Arab smoking “Shisha”. It was forbidden in Islam and consider as poison.

2) Why take Jordan Princess, there was a lot more woman scholar that can describe in better way.

3) Even some fact I can’t agree with non-Muslim commentary, but it should be acceptable to take opinion from non-Muslim regarding certain issue.

4) Second revelation is not Quran 93, it was the second portion of the Qur’an revealed to the Prophet Muhammad was the beginning of Sura al-muddaththir (74: 15). It now consists of 56 verses, the rest revealed later, and begins as follows:

‘O you, covered in your cloak, arise and warn, thy Lord magnify, thy raiment purify, pollution shun …’ (Sura al-muddaththir 74: 15)

5) Why “Satanic Verse” come to place. It was not related to any Muhammad pbuh life.



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The Life of Muhammad