Khalifah Project-”Towards a fully and Truly Islamic World”

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How to Raise Children of Excellent Islamic Character and Help Make Better World at the Same Time!

The Plan

What if this really could be done, what if you could easily understand how to do it, and what if you could do it easily-WOULD YOU? Would it not be part of your obligation to Allah (subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) to do it?

In this article there is enough information to tell you how to begin, and if you do more than suggested here it can be guaranteed that you will see noticeable positive changes in your children (as is the Will of Allah). This plan was developed by a child psychologist as his lifework over the past 40 years. He was first a non-believer, but has been a Muslim studying Islam for the past 24 years. He doesn’t have much longer left to live due to a terminal form of cancer.

He has no desire in offering this plan other than to offer service to Allah and His Ummah, InshaAllah, by helping to bring about a fully and truly Islamic World. The Plan is called the Khalifah Project. Its purpose is to bring to the attention of the Ummah the fact that in the knowledge Allah revealed to us in the Qur’an, the most direct statement He has made concerning His purpose in creating a race of human beings through Adam (’alaihissalaam) was for us to act as His Khalifah on earth.

The Khalifah

As khalifah of Allah we have received the greatest honour ever bestowed by Allah on His physical creation. As Allah’s Khalifah we are to act as His vicegerent in the physical world. To be Allah’s vicegerent means to act in His place, carrying out His Will not our won, and to carry out His Will by the power He has given us to use, not by any power of our own. It is like being given the opportunity to experience some small knowledge of Godhood on our lives.

Islamic scholars have from the beginning concluded the responsibilities of Khalifah of Allah are only three

  1. To perfect ourselves.

  2. To perfect society.

  3. And, to perfect the physical world of space and time.

A recent survey among Muslims indicates that most Muslims know we are Khalifah of Allah, few of us know of the three specific responsibilities as Khalifah of Allah, and almost none of us remember daily in our actions that the things we are doing as Khalifah Allah.

Part of the understanding of being Khalifah of Allah is the expectation that each generation will be superior to the previous generation in their belief and practice of rightly understood Islam. Clearly this has not happened for the many generations since the Golden Age of Islam in Medina at the time of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallahu ‘alaihi wasallam).

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