A new year – A new war

As most Muslim celebrate Maal hijrah today (15th Nov 2012), today we have been surprised by bombing at Gaza stripe by Israel. Seriously they know when to pick the date.


“We’ve sent a clear message to Hamas and to other terrorist organizations,” Mr Netanyahu said in a televised address on Wednesday evening.

This issue have been disgrace Muslim for many decade.

All Israel’s neighboring country are Muslim country: Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Next neighboring country are Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya. Still, No single country can put a STOP to them.

Now, they openly declare a war. What are we going to do?

Still listen to PBB that do nothing for 5 decades? Still listening to America’s government who obviously Israel’s ally?

Today we are suppose to celebrate Maal Hijrah. A day of new dawn,  a day of new revolution, a day of new beginning, A day of changes.

May be it was a sign. Insya Allah.


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