Ustaz Azhar Idrus – 1 million likes in Facebook

1) In last July, I write one post about Top Malaysian Islamic preacher in Facebook to check on popularity of Islamic ustaz/ ulama in Malaysia.

2) In July, Ustaz Azhar Idrus only have about 750,000 follower. Within 5 month, he gather another 250,000 facebook follower which accumulate about 1 million follower today (2 December).

3) With average 1000 ~ 2000 new likes per day, he is now a major celebrity incategories of scholar and Islamic preacher and the number still growing.

4) He surely a phenomena to many Malaysian. He is not a handsome guy, but his method and approach are very attractive.

5) 1, 000,000 may be small number for celebrity, but for small country as Malaysia, it represent a very huge  amount of support. He outnumber many top singers, actor, actress in Malaysia which put him in different league.

One of most influence man in Malaysia and growing.

New dawn for Islam. Follow him at facebook.

Allahu Akbar..

Azhar idrus kuliah

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