Changing the blog’s path

1) I am going to change me blog to my local language, Malays really soon. I will deleted or relocate the content that not suit the intent of the blog.

2) This blog are suppose to be personal blog but some of you may subscribe this blog due the religion content. I have relocate Islamic content to my new blog named . The new blog is carrying my intent to learn more about Islam and sharing with others. This blog are more focus and the goal is clear.

3) Many of non-Muslim called me “religious”.Actually, I just a normal person who know more than you. In Islam, the word religious or “Mukmin” can not be simply given. I am just an engineer who learn more about science than religion. If I make a comparison, 70% of my educational life is about science and modern knowledge; only 10% of it is about Islam. I still scratching my head, thinking about this.

4) Some of you subscribe this blog due to politics, philosophy, reality, governance content. I have relocate this type of content to my another blog called

5) For the one who subscribe me through my facebook page, . You will receive all the post from all my blog.

Thank for reading it, it have almost about 2 years!! Next month is my blog’s anniversary. It time to rebrand it.

One thought on “Changing the blog’s path

  1. Hi , Hifzan , i came to ur blog from Pauls blog , it is just brilliant .

    Dont change the language , keep it in English .

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