Congratulation my friends

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This year many of my friends finish their doctorate degree, PhD. Here, I would like to wish you all congratulation and good luck.

I know it was hard to finish your doctorate degree, but hopefully you all can contribute to our educational system. After struggling about another additional 2 years for master and 4 years for PhD while working part-time as tutor and half- lecturer. I can not imagine how you all survive while learning and also seeking for money.

This post would like to dedicate a congratulation to my lecturer who also my final year advisor who just receive his full professor, Prof. Dr Mohd. Zulkifly b. Abdullah.


Changing the blog’s path

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1) I am going to change me blog to my local language, Malays really soon. I will deleted or relocate the content that not suit the intent of the blog.

2) This blog are suppose to be personal blog but some of you may subscribe this blog due the religion content. I have relocate Islamic content to my new blog named . The new blog is carrying my intent to learn more about Islam and sharing with others. This blog are more focus and the goal is clear.

3) Many of non-Muslim called me “religious”.Actually, I just a normal person who know more than you. In Islam, the word religious or “Mukmin” can not be simply given. I am just an engineer who learn more about science than religion. If I make a comparison, 70% of my educational life is about science and modern knowledge; only 10% of it is about Islam. I still scratching my head, thinking about this.

4) Some of you subscribe this blog due to politics, philosophy, reality, governance content. I have relocate this type of content to my another blog called

5) For the one who subscribe me through my facebook page, . You will receive all the post from all my blog.

Thank for reading it, it have almost about 2 years!! Next month is my blog’s anniversary. It time to rebrand it.

Deleting Christian related post

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I am going to delete my provocative post related to Christianity which I write to counter one stupid Evangelist who think she is too good and know everything about my religion. That time, I was too new with blog, and I still don’t expect to have 3 years old blog and still working. Thanks to “those Evangelist” and “Islamophobia freak”.

Actually, the initial intention of this blog is to write about business, management, engineering, local politic which related to my work. There was no so such intention to make my blog to be theological blog.

Later, the blog transform to “Counter-Evangelist project”. For most one year and half, 2011-2012, I follow up with many Christian blog, Evangelist, Atheist, Agnostic, etc. I buy Bible, I read Bible, I learn their history, I subscribe to a good Christian/Atheist blog to understand how they think. I learn their scholar’s view.

In middle 2012, after I learn about their faith, I reluctant to counter them anymore as I use to be. How I going to counter a people who doesn’t understand or even analysis their own Bible. It make myself a bully to a weak people. Some of them are mannerly good, some are very arrogant, but they seem very confident with their faith. This another issue that I still wonder about Christianity, “faith without understanding”.


Most of Christian blog always talk about few main categories – God and Jesus, sin, crucifixion, 2nd coming, etc . Some how, I feel boring reading a same continuous idea which can not make as lesson learn. Many faithful Christian are actually supporting secularism and liberalism. I don’t know why, but I going to investigate this point.

Atheist blog are too focus on countering God (based on Christianity understanding). This people are clever, but they use their wisdom wrongly and the are too aggressive. Of course, they will denied it, but it quite a waste of time countering them.

Move on

I don’t want to follow up with Islamophobia blog anymore, because it built up my heart pressure and I believe it no more a threat to Islam. Their understanding are quite shallow which easily counter if we understand Islamic theology.

Our experience in countering secularism is well known. Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, and many more are initially secular country. Many other nation will follow up in  less than next 5 years. Less than 100 years after Ottoman fall down, we revive again, it was a great success which no other faith, religion, or nation can revive this fast.

Our history show that we are very persistent in defending our faith. History of Mongol, India, China, Middle East, Europe have recorded how we change the social, economy to better nation. It nothing impossible within Islam.

No need to play dirty

My advise to Muslim friend, based on my experience, we do not require to play dirty in defend our faith. Play smart and use your brain wisely, people will support you. If they keep provoke us, they going to pay for that in future. They going to be label “Intolerant religion” by their own people. I repeat by their own people.  Our local people Christian/ non-Muslim know how we works, so no need to worry. Even, we may have some controversy with our local, it always being settle before it become huge.

Just do our work, ignore them. Truth always prevail evil. So, keep remembering that. Propagate good deeds and wait for better tomorrow.


Anyone who still want to read my deleted post, please email me so I can email to you.

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Ustaz Azhar Idrus – 1 million likes in Facebook

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1) In last July, I write one post about Top Malaysian Islamic preacher in Facebook to check on popularity of Islamic ustaz/ ulama in Malaysia.

2) In July, Ustaz Azhar Idrus only have about 750,000 follower. Within 5 month, he gather another 250,000 facebook follower which accumulate about 1 million follower today (2 December).

3) With average 1000 ~ 2000 new likes per day, he is now a major celebrity incategories of scholar and Islamic preacher and the number still growing.

4) He surely a phenomena to many Malaysian. He is not a handsome guy, but his method and approach are very attractive.

5) 1, 000,000 may be small number for celebrity, but for small country as Malaysia, it represent a very huge  amount of support. He outnumber many top singers, actor, actress in Malaysia which put him in different league.

One of most influence man in Malaysia and growing.

New dawn for Islam. Follow him at facebook.

Allahu Akbar..

Azhar idrus kuliah