Deleting Christian related post

I am going to delete my provocative post related to Christianity which I write to counter one stupid Evangelist who think she is too good and know everything about my religion. That time, I was too new with blog, and I still don’t expect to have 3 years old blog and still working. Thanks to … Continue reading Deleting Christian related post

Ustaz Azhar Idrus – 1 million likes in Facebook

1) In last July, I write one post about Top Malaysian Islamic preacher in Facebook to check on popularity of Islamic ustaz/ ulama in Malaysia. 2) In July, Ustaz Azhar Idrus only have about 750,000 follower. Within 5 month, he gather another 250,000 facebook follower which accumulate about 1 million follower today (2 December). 3) … Continue reading Ustaz Azhar Idrus – 1 million likes in Facebook