Evolution or Creation? Or BOTH?

It says, Allah is – Al Khaliq (The Creator) It also says, Allah is – Al Bari (The Evolver) For the Muslim there is no need for separation between religion and science. It is understood from the Quran, revealed over 1,400 years ago, that there is both; "Creation" and "Evolution." And in both instances, it … Continue reading Evolution or Creation? Or BOTH?

The Look East Policy

1. I was in Tokyo recently to participate in the celebration of the 30th year of the Look East Policy. Some 15,000 young Malaysians were educated or trained in Japan during those years. Strangely I have not heard anyone of them complain about the policy or their participation. They all seem to be happy with … Continue reading The Look East Policy

Remembering : Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (1938-2004)

Yassin who survived the Palestinian Disaster (Al Nakba) of 1948 learned an important lesson that impacted his intellectual and political life forever, a lesson that says Palestinians can only depend on themselves and arm their people without depending on other nations or the international community. Childhood Ahmed Ismael Yassin was born in 1938 in the … Continue reading Remembering : Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (1938-2004)

A new year – A new war

As most Muslim celebrate Maal hijrah today (15th Nov 2012), today we have been surprised by bombing at Gaza stripe by Israel. Seriously they know when to pick the date. "We've sent a clear message to Hamas and to other terrorist organizations," Mr Netanyahu said in a televised address on Wednesday evening. BBC -  Israel … Continue reading A new year – A new war

Philippines, Muslims Sign Peace Deal

MANILA – The Philippine government and the country’s largest Muslim group signed Monday, October 15, a peace deal that serves as roadmap to establishing a Muslim homeland in the south. "This is the sound of peace," Ebrahim Murad, the head of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), told President Benigno Aquino ahead of signing the … Continue reading Philippines, Muslims Sign Peace Deal