Professor Jackie Ying

A Life of Passion, Commitment and Hard Work: Professor Jackie Ying Jackie Y. Ying is someone whose life defies expectations and stereotypes at every turn. In the largely male-dominated field of scientific research with few prominent Asians or Muslims, Professor Ying is a female, Chinese-Muslim whose work in the field of nanotechnology has earned her … Continue reading Professor Jackie Ying

Remembering : Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (1938-2004)

Yassin who survived the Palestinian Disaster (Al Nakba) of 1948 learned an important lesson that impacted his intellectual and political life forever, a lesson that says Palestinians can only depend on themselves and arm their people without depending on other nations or the international community. Childhood Ahmed Ismael Yassin was born in 1938 in the … Continue reading Remembering : Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (1938-2004)