The future of political Islam

ISLAMIST DEMOCRACY: The Egyptian crisis raises deeper questions about religious politics 1.  THE toppling of president Mohamed Morsi and his Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt has raised a host of deep and difficult questions about the future of politicised religion in general, and political Islam in particular. 2.  For starters, it has posed us … Continue reading The future of political Islam

Professor Jackie Ying

A Life of Passion, Commitment and Hard Work: Professor Jackie Ying Jackie Y. Ying is someone whose life defies expectations and stereotypes at every turn. In the largely male-dominated field of scientific research with few prominent Asians or Muslims, Professor Ying is a female, Chinese-Muslim whose work in the field of nanotechnology has earned her … Continue reading Professor Jackie Ying

In defence of Erdogan

Eric S. Margolis WESTERN politicians and media have been scolding Turkey's prime minister Recep Erdogan over anti-government demonstrations in Istanbul and Ankara. What began as a local protest over the foolish plan to raze trees in Gezi Park near Istanbul's bustling Taksim Square quickly exploded into major protests thanks to the ham-handed response of Istanbul … Continue reading In defence of Erdogan

Islam & Science -The road to renewal

After centuries of stagnation science is making a comeback in the Islamic world THE sleep has been long and deep. In 2005 Harvard University produced more scientific papers than 17 Arabic-speaking countries combined. The world’s 1.6 billion Muslims have produced only two Nobel laureates in chemistry and physics. Both moved to the West: the only … Continue reading Islam & Science -The road to renewal

Developing a Close Relationship with Allah

Dear beloved jemaah blessed by Allah, On these last days of the blessed month of Zulhjjah, let us seek from Allah s.w.t. to continue protecting our taqwa to Him throughout the year. Let us persevere, my dear brothers, in our efforts to improve our obedience to Allah s.w.t. as well as to subjugate our hearts … Continue reading Developing a Close Relationship with Allah