The race to score A’s and its implications

The yearly examination results announcement season is here again and as usual the nation celebrates the achievements of top scorers not realizing that Malaysians' preoccupation with "scoring" in school examinations does no one any favours. For the high-achieving students themselves, it instills the perception that straight A’s are the be-all and end-all of school life. … Continue reading The race to score A’s and its implications

Indonesia’s Muslim schools draw Christians

Where can one find schools run by a Muslim organisation, the majority of whose students are non-Muslims? Christian-Muslim relations in Indonesia are too often associated with conflict, disharmony and hostility, thus, it might be surprising for many to learn that such schools exist in different parts of Indonesia. In some Christian Indonesian enclaves, Muhammadiyah (literally … Continue reading Indonesia’s Muslim schools draw Christians

Khalifah Project-”Towards a fully and Truly Islamic World”

How to Raise Children of Excellent Islamic Character and Help Make Better World at the Same Time! The Plan What if this really could be done, what if you could easily understand how to do it, and what if you could do it easily-WOULD YOU? Would it not be part of your obligation to Allah … Continue reading Khalifah Project-”Towards a fully and Truly Islamic World”

Islamic Education – Green Lane Mosque

A madrassa attached to mosque in Green Lane Mosque, Britian. Note for me It was important to exchange the knowledge of other country and adapt it to your own. Even, in many Muslim country have their own Islamic school. To exchange the syllabus, method of teaching, or even architectural is very important to update the … Continue reading Islamic Education – Green Lane Mosque